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DET-07 Lukasz Szklarski - Heterogeneous network of chemical sensors for improved situational awareness and
reduced false alarm rate - Det. C Area

DET-08 Frédéric Progent - Development of Micro- Time-Of-Flight mass spectrometer for Chemical Threat in situ
detection - Det. C Area

DET-09 Ladislava Navratilova - Integrated C-sampling kit for field sampling - Det. C Area

DET-10 Martijn de Koning - Degradation and detection of the nerve agent VX by a chromophore functionalized
zirconium MOF - Det. C Area

DET-11 Laure Duvauchelle - Evaluation of two innovative portable Air Samplers in field conditions on the US military
facility Dugway Proving Ground - Det. C Area

DET-16 Emanuela Gallo - UV Raman Spectroscopy for Explosives Detection - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-17 Lara Hettmanczyk - Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) as Sensor Elements for the Gas Phase Detection
of Explosives - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-18 Chrystel Ambard - Particles sampling for explosives detection with the prototype device SYMOPREPTM -
RCM - Det. E Area

DET-19 Liliana Martelo - Low-Cost Device for Detection of Explosives Vapours - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-20 Céline Frenois - Development of trace explosive detector: Issues around test and end-users evaluation - RCM
- Det. E Area

DET-21 Laurence Jeunieau - Influence of the Synthesis Process of TATP and HMTD on their SublimationRate - RCM -
Det. E Area

DET-28 Julien Enche - Identification of Ricin by Immunocapture Extraction and LC-MS/MS or LC-MS/HRMS Analysis -
Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-29 Rómulo Aráoz - Bioassays for detection and identification of marine neurotoxins - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-30 Fabienne Gas - Recombinase Polymerase Amplification combines with Lateral Flow Strip for detection of
Biothreat agents - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-31 Jean-Maxime Roux - An automated microfluidic cartridge for field multiplex preparation and identification in a
biological threat detection chain - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-32 Berivan Boran - Organization of a Proficiency Test to Evaluate the Ability of International Laboratories to
Detect Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Type B (SEB) - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-41 Valentin Baillet - Collision cross sections of chemical warfare related compounds by ion mobility spectrometry -
mass spectrometry - Det. C Area

DET-42 Veronica Caratelli - Fully integrated paper-based amperometric and potentiometric electrochemical sensing
tool for nerve agent detection - Det. C Area

DET-43 Alexandre Carella - Colorimetric detection of chemical warfare agents - Det. C Area

DET-44 Dimitri Cauna - Poster - French Field CWA detection/identification - Test & Evaluation capabilities - Det. C

DET-45 Genevieve Dennison - Bimetallic Lanthanide/Copper Complexes for the Luminescent Detection of Gaseous
Hydrogen Sulfide - Det. C Area.

DET-46 Jonathan Dumazert - CODI-NR: a portable gamma-ray spectrometer for the real-time detection and
identification of NR threats - Det. C Area

DET-47 Thomas Faucon - Non-Uniform Sampling applied to two-dimensional experiments for Chemical Weapons
Convention related compounds - Det. C Area

DET-48 Marie Géleoc - A new tool for samples ionization and for detectors calibration - Det. C Area

DET-49 Liliang Hao - A humidity control system for field analysis of radioactive gas based on Nafion membrane –
Det. C Area

DET-50 Yannick Juillet - Development and validation of a sensitive thermal desorption - gas chromatography - mass
spectrometry (TD-GC-MS) method for the determination of phosgene in air samples - Det. C Area

DET-51 Feng Long - Portable and reusable chemiluminescent aptasensor for the on-site determination of dangerous
chemicals with high sensitivity and specificity - Det. C Area

DET-52 Vincent Moulin - Luggage inspection by spectral X-ray tomography - Det. C Area

DET-53 Marie Spiandore - Screening transitions for the analysis of O,O-dialkyl alkylphosphonates at sub-ppm levels
by gas chromatography - tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) - Det. C Area

DET-54 Joachim Tabary - Experimental implementation of an X-ray diffraction system based on multiplexed
collimations for checkpoint baggage scanning - Det. C Area

DET-55 Anna Zhu - Portable all-fiber TRIF biosensor for simultaneous detection of multiple toxic chemicals with high
sensitivity and specificity - Det. C Area

DET-56 Jean-Charles Baritaux - SERS Lateral Flow Assay for bio-threat detection - Det. B & Epi. Area

Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-58 Cécile Bouvattier - GeneXpert homemade cartridges for multiple virus detection: proof of concept - Det. B &
Epi. Area

DET-59 Sabine Delannoy - An innovative microfluidic qPCR platform for high throughput qPCR testing of bioterrorism
agents - Det. B & Epi. Area.

DET-60 Cécile Féraudet Tarisse - Towards the development of multiplex immunoassays for staphylococcal
enterotoxins detection and diagnosis - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-61 Olivier Ferraris - Complete hemorrhagic fever virus inactivation during lysis in the filmarray Biothreat-E assay
demonstrates the biosafety of this test - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-62 Fabrice Gallais - Development of monoclonal antibodies against risk group 4 viruses for detection and diagnostic - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-63 Fabienne Gas - Genetic detection by qPCR of biothreat agents - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-64 Olivier Gorgé - Shorter is better: using short length reads for fast detection of bacterial pathogens in complex
samples - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-65 Cecilia Loriot - Evaluation of a simple and rapid method for simultaneous pathogen detection, Biotoxis qPCR
detection kit - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-66 Anne-Sophie Mierzala - European programme for the establishment of validated procedures for the detection
and identification of biological toxins (EuroBioTox): CEA contribution - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-67 Nathalie Morel - Lateral Flow Immunoassay for Rapid Detection of Bukholderia pseudomallei - Det. B & Epi.

DET-68 María-Victoria Ortega-García - Participation in the 2nd External Quality Assurance Exercise (EQAE)
performed in the framework of the United Nation Secretary – General’s Mechanism (UNSGM) project RefBio -Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-69 Ines Peraile Muñoz - Reuse of nanofibers in a Biological Warfare Agent detection nanophotonic sensing
device - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-70 Céline Pujol - Proof of concept of biocollectors integration on terrestrial and aerial carriers - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-71 Véronique Rebuffel - Identification of bacteria aging in complex environmental samples using cultivation-free
Raman spectroscopy - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-72 Laetitia Remy - Improvement of Bruker Microflex Biotyper database for fast identification of Bacillus anthracis
in clinical laboratories - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-73 Veronica Caratelli - Paper-based aptasensor for on site botulinum neurotoxin detection - Det. B & Epi. Area

DET-74 Anne Bossée - Derivatisation of unstable precursors SCl2 and S2Cl2 as a tool for characterisation of crude
sulfur mustard synthetised by Levinstein process - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-75 Clémentine Côte - Human hair collection and preservation of contamination evidence following CWA vapour
exposure - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-76 Charlotte Desoubries - Extraction of human butyrylcholinesterase-organophosphorous agent adducts from
plasma with a huprine-based affinity chromatography - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-77 Fabrice Modeste - Proteomic analysis for the identification of potential exposure biomarkers relative to
chemicals forming hemoglobin adducts: use of CEES as HD simulant - RCM - Det. E Area

DET-78 Linda Öberg - Preventing deamidation in tabun inhibited BuChE during pepsin digestion - RCM - Det. E Area


EPI-07 Frédéric Ducancel - Development of a preclinical non-human primate model of ricin intoxination, assays for
plasmatic dosage of ricin, and identification of a transcriptomic signature for exposure to ricin - Det. B & Epi.

EPI-08 Olivier Ferraris - Distribution of orthopoxvirus circulation, 2012-2018 - Det. B & Epi. Area

EPI-09 Hervé Volland - Innovative Point-of-Care device for the Direct Detection of Antibiotic Resistance - Det. B &
Epi. Area

EPI-10 Maellys Kevin - Hierarchical classification of Francisella tularensis ssp. holarctica: a One-Health approach for
epidemiological surveillance of tularemia in France - Det. B & Epi. Area

EPI-11 Mamadou Beye - Pangenomic analysis of Francisella tularensis subps. holarctica strains isolated from
different geographic sites - Det. B & Epi. Area

EPI-12 Juliette Bloch - Syndromic surveillance system based on data from French poison control centers - Det. B &
Epi. Area

EPI-13 Toscane Fourié – Opportunities and challenges of viral discovery in war zone: Fever of unknown origin (FUO)
diagnosis in French troops deployed in Sub-Saharan Africa - Det. B & Epi. Area


MCM-06 Marco Valente - Retrospective biological dosimetry, adapting to different lifestyles - MCM Area

MCM-07 Nicolas Jullien - Innovative strategy for muscular repair after high local dose radiations exposure: in vitro
preliminary studies on a model of mouse myoblasts - MCM Area

MCM-08 Tanja Popp - Bardoxolone (CDDO-Me), a potential radioprotector for normal cells - MCM Area

MCM-09 Julie Somkhit - Role of microglia in seizure activity after organophosphate exposure - MCM Area

MCM-10 Fanny Caffin - Cognitive and emotional impairments induced by CEES after cutaneous intoxication in mice - MCM Area

MCM-18 Alain Chapel - Generation of hematopoietic stem cells from non-hematopoietic iPS in patients with acute
irradiation syndrome an innovative therapeutic strategy of hematopoietic syndrome - MCM Area

MCM-19 Julie Bensimon Etzol - DosiKit, a new portable assay for fast external irradiation biodosimetry - MCM Area

MCM-20 Leslie Dubrana - New testing and screening in vivo zebrafish based methods to identify potential treatments
for organophosphorous poisoning - MCM Area

MCM-21 Sabine François - Second effects of organophosphorus poisoning: Alteration of the hematopoietic
compartment - MCM Area

MCM-22 Julia Herbert - COPD and asthma therapeutics for supportive treatment in organophosphate poisoning - MCM

MCM-30 Frédéric Rivière - Toward a better comprehension of the physiopathology of a potential biological weapon
through characterization of pulmonary immune mechanisms following infection of murine model with Influenza
virus - MCM Area

MCM-31 Clémence Rougeaux - Early detection of active edema and lethal factors during pulmonary anthrax - MCM

MCM-32 Laura Cochrane - The TrobigardTM auto-Injector atropine/obidoxime co-formulation is efficacious against sarin
exposure in guinea pigs - MCM Area

MCM-33 Lionel Koch - The role of efflux pumps in biofilm's; synthesis in Yersinia pestis - MCM Area

MCM-34 Jessica Denis - High specificity and sensitivity of Zika EDIII-based ELISA diagnosis highlighted by a large
human reference panel - MCM Area

MCM-35 Irène Pitard - Interaction of Edema factor from Bacillus anthracis with thiophen ureidoacids - MCM Area

MCM-36 Stéphane Flamant - Mesenchymal stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles for the treatment of
musculocutaneous radiation injury (ANR ASTRID: EXOCET project) - MCM Area

MCM-37 Eric Gregoire - Operational Capacity and R&D at IRSN for Biological Dose Reconstruction by cytogenetic in
case of malicious or accidental Exposure to Ionizing Radiation - MCM Area

MCM-38 Clelia Le Gallic - Medical countermeasures following internal contamination with radionuclides - MCM Area

MCM-39 Anne Van der Meeren - An in vitro model to mimic transfer of actinides from lungs to blood - MCM Area

MCM-40 Ondrej Soukup - The monoquarternary reactivators for the treatment of organophoshorous intoxication - MCM

MCM-41 Arnaud Avril - Research and development of recombinant human-like antibodies against vaccinia-virus and
cross-reacting with variola virus - MCM Area

MCM-42 Fabrice Biot - Burkholderia thailandensis: an avirulent model for studying and combatting the multidrug
resistance in Burkholderia pseudomallei - MCM Area

MCM-43 Houda Boukhebza - Development of specific polyclonal F(ab’)2 immunoglobulin fragments to treat ricin
intoxications - MCM Area

MCM-44 Laetitia Boutin - MVL-RVF-eGn, a promising vaccine candidate against Rift valley fever virus - MCM Area

MCM-45 Audrey Ferrier-Rembert - The cowpox virus, responsible of a fetal death? - MCM Area

MCM-46 Daniel Gillet - FIGHTeHUS : a European consortium to improve the management of Shiga toxin-producing
E. coli hemolytic uremic syndrome - MCM Area

MCM-47 Daniel Gillet - The broad-spectrum anti-pathogen inhibitor ABMA delays trafficking from late endosomes to
lysosomes and modulates the autophagic flux - MCM Area

MCM-48 Frédéric Iseni - Use of CRISPR-Cas13a technology as a tool for diagnosis of viral infections - MCM Area

MCM-49 Vladislav Litosh - Novel Inhibitors of the Anthrax Lethal Factor - MCM Area

MCM-50 Fabienne Neulat-Ripoll - B. pseudomallei clinical isolates: Whole genome sequencing and transcriptomic
analysis - MCM Area

MCM-51 Mathilde Petit - Sepsis: talk the immune system out of its dysregulation - MCM Area

MCM-52 Stéphanie Simon - An antibody targeting Type 3 secretion system induces a broad protection against
Salmonella and Shigella infections - MCM Area

MCM-53 Florian Ville - Optimization of a broad-spectrum inhibitor of toxins selected from a CNF1-induced Rac1
modulation screening - MCM Area

MCM-54 Rudolf Andrys - Characterization of cucurbit[7]uril complexes with oximes - MCM Area

MCM-55 Benjamin Baccus - Influence of a 24 h total sleep deprivation on the central nervous system response to an
organophosphorus pesticide - MCM Area

MCM-56 Xavier Brazzolotto - Prokaryotic expression of human butyrylcholinesterase as a tool for catalytic bioscavenger
development - MCM Area

MCM-57 André-Guilhem Calas - In vivo and in vitro efficacy assessment of a novel uncharged reactivator of
NOP-inhibited acetylcholinesterase based galactose and 3-hydroxypyridine-aldoxime hybrid compared to
pralidoxime and HI-6 - MCM Area

MCM-58 Nick Coe - Cholinesterase Testing and Health Surveillance at Dstl Porton Down: From Biological Monitoring to
Operational Capability - MCM Area

MCM-59 Ophélie Da Silva - In-vitro evaluation of a new class of bi-and trifunctional oximes targeting the glucose
transporter GLUT1 for brain blood barrier crossing - MCM Area

MCM-60 Gregory Dal Bo - Early detection tools for acute exposure to sub-lethal doses of sarin surrogate (NIMP):
Electrophysiology and neurovascular MRI - MCM Area

MCM-61 Emilie David - Smart & Innovative Tools for Cholinesterases Related Applications - MCM Area

MCM-62 Sandra DeBus - Characterization of nerve agent intoxication in a novel genetically modified mouse model - MCM Area

MCM-63 Pierre Dubois-Geoffroy - Uncharged Reactivators of OP-inhibited Cholinesterases - MCM Area

MCM-64 Nina Dupuis - Acute neuroinflammatory response after organophosphate-induced status epilepticus - MCM

MCM-65 Florent Fémy - Comparison of two murine models of organophosphorus poisoning with the nitrophenyl
isopropyl methylphosphonate (NIMP) and the paraoxon (POX) - MCM Area

MCM-66 Lukas Gorecki - The story of tacroximes; novel unique compounds for the recovery of organophosphorusinhibited
acetylcholinesterase - MCM Area

MCM-67 Romain Goulay - Evaluation of the cerebrospinal fluid and the blood brain barrier compounds after an
organophosphorus intoxication on a swine model - MCM Area

MCM-68 Fanny Gros-Désormeaux - Improvement of a model of SM skin burns: the CEES gel vapor cap method -
MCM Area

MCM-69 Anne-Sophie Hanak - Ventilatory toxicity of an acetylcholinesterase reactivator in mice: interest of double
chamber plethysmography in detection - MCM Area

MCM-70 Nina Jaffré - A swine model for the evaluation of medical countermeasures against nerve agents - MCM Area

MCM-71 Ludovic Jean - 3-Hydroxy-2-Pyridine Aldoxime Reactivators of Organophosphate-Inhibited Cholinesterases -
MCM Area

MCM-72 Jiri Kassa - Evaluation of the influence of three newly-developed bispyridinium antinicotinic compounds
(MB408, MB442, MB444) on the efficacy of antidotal treatment of mice poisoned with tabun or soman - MCM

MCM-73 Daniel Leonco - Development of a global untargeted metabolomics approach for identifying biomarkers of
exposure to sulfur mustard in rabbit tears - MCM Area

MCM-74 Oksana Lockridge - Organophosphate adducts on lysine cause proteins to crosslink, suggesting a mechanism
to explain chronic illness from organophosphate exposure - MCM Area

MCM-75 David Malinak - Novel pyridinealdoxime bisquaternary salts as potential reactivators of human
butyrylcholinesterase - MCM Area

MCM-76 Aurélie Nervo - Pathophysiology of respiration during acute cholinesterase inhibitors poisoning - MCM Area

MCM-77 Karine Thibault - Long term neurological effects of acute exposure to a low or mild dose of sarin surrogate -
MCM Area

MCM-78 Sébastien Graziani - A novel CWA vapor inhalation exposure system for nose-only delivery with rodents: First
trials to generate GB vapors - MCM Area


PRODEC-07 Julien Claudot - Modelling of the adsorption of contaminants in activated carbons - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-08 David Farrusseng - Innovative MOF adsorbent at scale for performing protective filters - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-09 Laurent Verdier - Thermal destruction or toxics - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-10 Lina Thors - Skin penetration and decontamination following in vitro human skin exposure to fentanyl - Prodec.

PRODEC-11 Marie-Theres Pfalzgraf - FLED2 - The Forward Light Element for Decontamination of Patients and Personnel -
Prodec. Area

PRODEC-12 Célia Lepeytre - BioChemGEL-Sys® RBC gel for the infrastructure decontamination - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-13 Sam Collins - Human volunteer studies of improvised, interim and specialist mass casualty decontamination
protocols - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-14 Holly Carter - CBRN Mass Decontamination - Effectiveness Studies for Crisis Preparedness - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-15 Pascal Chanton - Nuclear decontamination properties of the Cevidra® cream - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-16 R.P. Chilcott - US Federal Chemical Incident Response Guidance: PRISM - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-17 Marie-Laure Cointot - Preliminary results to the dermal toxicological reference values determination for VX -
Prodec. Area

PRODEC-18 Samuel Collins - Optimisation and validation of a GC-MS/MS method for the analysis of methyl salicylate in
hair and skin samples for human-volunteer decontamination studies - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-19 Alix Danoy - Skin decontamination efficiency against organophosphorus compounds: comparison between two
clays - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-20 Elodie Denet - Innovative biological decontamination device using metal oxide nanoparticles - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-21 Maria Betzabeth Espina Benitez - Innovative chemical decontamination device using metal oxide
nanoparticles - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-22 Fabien Frances - Systems for Implementation Gels and Foams - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-23 Fabienne Gas - New sporicidal foam for biological decontamination of facilities - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-24 Xuan Guo - Recombinant expression and optimization of fermentation conditions of phosphotriesterase for
nerve agent degradation - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-25 Jon Heylings - Decontamination of hair following exposure to toxic chemicals using a novel in vitro approach -
Prodec. Area

PRODEC-26 James Kearn - Amelioration of nerve agent injury - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-27 Greta Camilla Magnano - The effect of morphological properties of CeO2 on the degradation kinetics of an
organophosphorus compound - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-28 Jennifer Millerioux - Efficacy decontamination assessment of the skin after chemical warfare agent liquid
contamination - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-29 Laetitia Poirier - A new animal model to investigate organophosphorus poisoning and enzymatic
decontamination - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-30 Annick Roul - Identification of geological signature of Fuller's earth used in skin decontamination by optical and
synchrotron radiation technologies - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-31 Jin-Yi Zhong - A novel non-aqueous decontamination solution: rapid destroy chemical warfare agents at
subfreezing temperatures - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-32 Jesus Zueco - Decontamination mats as a measure to limit the spread of biological agents by the footwear of
intervention personnel: standardization of a method to determine its effectiveness - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-33 Sandrine Bourrelly - Gas adsorption manometry & calorimetry as experimental tools to characterize the
porosity and aid the interpretation of adsorption phenomena in nanoporous adsorbents - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-34 Sophie Lautrette - Protection department of DGA CBRN Defence: an overview of the capabilities for the
evaluation of CBRN protective equipments - Prodec. Area

PRODEC-35 Ekaterina Shilova - Selective fibrous extracting materials for the capture of toxic industrial and poison gases -
Prodec. Area


RCM-07 Jacek Beldowski - Decision Aid tool for marine munitions management - RCM - Det. E Area

RCM-08 Stéphane Le Floch - An innovative experimental device to assess the behavior of a chemical under controlled
environmental parameters - RCM - Det. E Area

RCM-09 Samantha Lim Thiebot - Emergency Situation Support Cell (CASU): Expertise in real time for chemical
accidents - RCM - Det. E Area

RCM-10 Axel Lambert de Rouvroit - The Economic Impact of Crises - RCM - Det. E Area

RCM-11 Rachele Brancaleoni - Evaluation and improvement of HDP (Hospital Disaster Plan) for CBRN events: Gemelli
Hospital perspective - RCM - Det. E Area

RCM-12 Thomas Finnie - Reverse Source Term Calculations for Crisis Response to Biological Release - RCM - Det. E

RCM-13 Paul Le Turnier - Highlights of the 7th seminar of the Val-de-Grâce School on Emerging Infectious Diseases - RCM - Det. E Area

RCM-14 Ruth Milton - CIMIC and Public Health Emergency Preparedness for CBRN Events - RCM - Det. E Area