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Poster awards 2019

The Young researcher prize

The Young researcher prize is attributed to Julie Somkhit (IRBA / INSERM) for her work about the "Role of microglia in seizure activity after organophosphate exposure".

The Innovation prize

The Innovation prize is attributed ex aequo to Hervé Volland  (CEA / DRF) for his work about "Innovative point of care device for the direct detection of antibiotic resistance" and to Frédéroc Progent (CEA / DAM) for his work about the "Development of micro-time-of-flight mass spectrometer for chemical threat in situ detection".

The first prize

The first prize is attributed to Martin de Koning (TNO Defense, Safety and Security, the Netherlands) for his work about "Degradation and detection of the nerve agent VX by a chromophore functionalized zirconium MOF"

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